Well groomed nails are the classic indication of healthy hands and feet.

Manicures and pedicures are one of the simplest ways to pamper yourself. Consistent manicures and treatments strengthen nails and help ensure healthy growth.

Our technicians are experts in nail care from acrylic, solar, and gel to spa pedicures.

Divine Nail Spa has 18 massaging pedicure chairs with whirlpool jets and 24 nail stations to accommodate groups of all sizes.

Stop into Divine Nail Spa to treat yourself and get away for the day. You will get absorbed in our oasis of tranquility while pampering yourself without regret. We offer a broad range of services ranging from manicures and pedicures to silk wraps and nail art. You relax; let us take care of you for once.


To soften rough hands and feet to help make a good impression.  We will buff away dead skin cells and calluses while nourishing and massaging your hands and feet with warm paraffin wax or warming lotion.  We will finish off with a buff and/or matte polish.

- Manicure - $20

- Pedicure with Lining / Parafin - $36/$43

- Gel (Shellac) Manicure / Parafin Wax - $36/$40


We will treat your with special aromatherapy sugar scrubs, antioxidants and skin regenerating compounds that will allow this relaxing and super-hydrating mask to soften, rejuvenate and brighten skin to a glowing and more youthful appearance.  Hot stone massage will be utilized to unlock tension deep within muscles, relieve soreness and help achieve total relaxation.

- Divine Spa Manicure - $ 30

- NU Divine Spa Manicure - $42

- Divine Spa Pedicure - $ 46

- Hot Stone Divine Spa Manicure - $ 39

- Hot Stone Divine Spa Pedicure - $ 59

- NU Divine Spa Pedicure - $69

Your choice: Guava Mango, Green Tea, Orange, Lemon, Pomegranate, Wild Orchid Gardenia, Cappuccino, Lavender

Enhancing your fingernails is one of many popular beauty treatments. If you haven't been blessed with nails that are naturally long and strong, or you just like the look of salon-quality nails, there are many ways to change or enhance the look of your nails. It's important to remember that any time you alter or add something to the surface of your nails, you risk damaging them. The best solutions for those eager to enhance your nails is to do so while paying special attention to your nails' overall health.

Acrylic or Powder Gel:

Strong, Durable, and Natural Looking

Full Set Acrylic - $38   |    - Fill  - $ 28

Full Set Powder Gel - $50   |  - Fill - $30

Liquid UV Gel

Non-yellowing, Trendy, Shiny, Natural Looking, and Luxurious

Full Set - $60   |    Fill  - $35

Powder SNS Dip

SNS with Tip/w Soak Off - $60/$65    |     SNS Manicure/w Soak Off  - $50/$55

China Silk/Fiberglass

Flexible, Thin and Durable

Full Set - $60    |    Fill  - $ 35


A forever French Manicure that never dulls or chips.  Very elegant!

Full Set - $60   |    Fill (Pink and White) - $50    |     Fill (Pink) - $ 30

9 years and under

Nail cleaning cuticle, massage with warm lotion and warm towel.

- Manicure - $ 12

- Pedicure - $ 18

- Manicure and Pedicure- $ 30

*Complimentary flower design included with junior packages.

10 to 13 years old

Nail cleaning cuticle, massage with warm lotion and warm towel.

- Manicure - $ 14

- Pedicure - $ 25

- Manicure and Pedicure- $ 39

*Complimentary flower design included with junior packages.

- French or American- $ 7

- Gel Color (Shellac) hand/feet - $20/$28

- Nail Long/Nail Shape - $5/$5

- Polish Change (Hands/Feet) - $12 and up

- 15 minute massage with pedicure - $20

- Nail Repair/Nail Design - $5 and up

- Gel Color with Nail Enhancement - $10

- Take off with Manicure/no Manicure - $26/$10

- Shellac/Dip removal w/o service $7/$10